Fatboy Catbag - Beanbag for Your Cat

Fatboy beanbag for your cat

Give your kitty the best bed in the neigbourhood!

Why shouldn't your pet be able to relax in the same kind of style that you and your children do? For a maximum kitty-comfort, check out the Fatboy Catbag bean bag. This colorful cat-sized bean bag fits anywhere in your house and is even ideal trips out and holidays. Just pop it in the back of the car and comfort travels with you. Your cat will be relaxing stylishly in no time.

Key facts about fatboy catbag bean bags:

  • Very soft but tough
  • Stain, moisture and odour resistant
  • Very easy to keep clean: machine washable cover
  • Can be used outdoors
  • Modern and stylish beanbag: available in seven differet bold colors
  • Compact size: 24" H x 24" W (or 65cm x 10cm)

You kttiy deserves to have its very own extremely comfortable and stylish resting place that fits well everywhere. This compact cat bean bag bed adds colour to any room in the house and is compact enough to move from room to room and even in the garden, so your little friend can have the best seat in the house, wherever you are!

All fatboy catbags are Made from a durable nylon cover and has an extremely comfortable and soft filling. Making catbag clean is extremely easy: coating is water, odour and stain resistent. Moreover, you can take out the cover and wash it in a machine whenever you want. The catbag beanbags are available in 6 different modern colours: black, brown, lime green, orange, red and turquoise.

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Fatboy Catbag beanbag reviews

rating star rating star rating star rating star rating star By CatBagReview

My kitty loves that red catbag bean bag!

rating star rating star rating star rating star rating star By Kate W.

This definetely the best bean bag pillow for a cat!

rating star rating star rating star rating star rating star By kitty

I will need 3 of these. They are so great, clean lines, prefect shape and size... and it's BIG!!